Have Chelsea been found out, can Malard fill Russo’s shoes as United’s No 9 and Terland hits the top of the scoring charts

The Arsenal centre-back Lotte Wubben-Moy said her side had proved a point with their impressive 4-1 defeat of Chelsea at the Emirates in front of a record 59,042 fans. “We don’t really listen to sceptics but there was a narrative at the beginning of the season about Arsenal selling out and attracting crowds but not winning,” she said. “Today sets the tone for what we are about and the intensity we want to bring. We do that with the fans and that’s how important that relationship is.” Arsenal’s performance was dominant but Chelsea’s capitulation was equally notable. Emma Hayes’s side did not have the answer to Arsenal’s fast and high press and went into the break two goals down at 3-1. Tactically, they were left wanting. Have Arsenal found the key to beating Chelsea? Maybe. Can they maintain the form they displayed in this title challenge across the course of the season? Maybe. Suzanne Wrack

Match report: Arsenal 4-1 Chelsea

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