I am looking forward to 2024 but was shocked to see a Fifa window for games in mid-July. There has to be a better solution

I don’t want to come out all firing, it’s too early into 2024 for that and I’ve got a job to do on the pitch, but it is always important to start a new year properly and raise some concerns that I, and other players, have about the women’s game and where it is going.

Sometimes this world of football still manages to shock me. I was shocked when I saw the 2024 international match calendar – and I was not the only one. Many of us have had to compete in back-to-back summer tournaments with the postponed Tokyo Olympics in 2021, the European Championship in 2022 and then the World Cup in 2023. This year it’s the Olympics again for some teams, so to see a Fifa window for games in the middle of July was frustrating to say the least. Obviously, some teams will be competing at the Olympics but not all of us. Many were looking at this summer as a summer of liberation – for our bodies and our minds. But no.

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