From Mini Babybels and beers in a Premier Inn at 2am to welcoming new listeners every week, hosting Women’s Football Weekly is special

“Plus, we’ll take your questions” – the most important part of my Tuesday morning introduction to you on the Guardian Women’s Football Weekly. If you’re a regular part of our crew, new to us and our idiosyncrasies, or haven’t yet downloaded the greatest podcast ever produced (I’ll leave you to judge that) we welcome you in with open arms. Your opinion matters and your questions are a vital part of what we do. In essence, you are as much a panellist as our eclectic mix of women’s football experts, rotated and gathered together each week to have a conversation about the latest dramas on and off the pitch wherever women’s football is played around the world.

When Suzy Wrack and I were asked to start the Guardian Women’s Football Weekly podcast in the summer of 2022 before the Women’s Euros, we were full of excitement and anticipation. We knew this was the Lionesses’ time to shine and we wanted to make sure as many people as possible came for the ride with us. This remains the only correct prediction we have made since launching the pod. But it wasn’t just Sarina Wiegman’s side taking centre stage, it was women’s football and that summer gave birth to a whole new audience of fans. Twenty months later, with more fantastic players emerging and new stories to tell, our tribe keeps expanding as the sport continues its phenomenal growth. There is still much to do though, and every week we make sure all aspects of the game are covered, including the numerous challenges it faces.

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