In an exclusive interview the Barcelona midfielder talks about playing alongside boys, never letting her head drop and how she would like to be remembered

Let’s go back to the beginning: how did a young Aitana fall in love with football? I have always said it was something innate. I started playing at school with the boys there because there were no girls playing then. I was around six or seven and I was also playing basketball. I would say it was innate because in my family we didn’t live for football [but] I was born with that desire to play it.

You joined Barça at the age of 14. Talk me through that move I was playing football just on the school grounds so I asked if I could be signed up to my town’s football team, Club Deportiu Ribes. I was there for four to five years and then I went to another team, Club de Futbol Cubelles. All the years I was there I was the only girl on the team. However, in Catalonia there’s a rule that as a cadete [14-15 years old] you can’t play in mixed teams any more. So that’s when I stopped playing with boys and I was lucky that Barcelona signed me at that moment.

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